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In the early winter of 1852 in London, Augusta Ada Lovelace was already awaiting death at the mere age of 36; sometimes I find my self wondering whether Ada would have ever thought that the notes that she made concerning the proposed analytical engine by Charles Babbage, the would-be father of computers will be the first-ever computer program ever written.

Ada was tasked with translating an article on her mentor Charles Babbage’s analytical engine written by Italian engineer Luigi Federico Menabrea for a Swiss journal. She translated the original French text into English and added her own thoughts and ideas…

Montreal was still reeling from the grey skies of a harsh winter when I first walked through the doors of Tempo Software. In the April of 2018, I started with team Westfalias as a front-end developer, A development team that was building a cloud counterpart to Tempo Budgets, Which would later be named Cost Tracker.

In my previous job, I built Voice Recognition enabled AI assistants for the automotive industry on Android Automotive OS. A very hardware and engineering-focused environment, and not much to do with Front-end or Javascript, as we wrote most of our code in Java and C.

There, in the park, in the heat of summer, sits an unusual man, feeding the birds. He is tall, thin, with bone-white skin and pitch-black hair, and two distant stars were looking out from where his eyes should be.

There sits Morpheus, The lord of dreams, one of the nine endless, The ruler of The Dreaming. But today he is neither, today he is just as us mortals are, devoid of all motivation, searching for his place in the universe.

The sound of her wings issue cover

This is how the eighth issue of Neil Gaiman’s The Sandman begins. Morpheus has just reclaimed all his tools, he…

Have you ever came across JavaScript's NaN Object ? Have you spend hours on stack-overflow(Okey,A little bit of exaggeration) trying to figure out why NaN === NaN or NaN == NaN evaluates to false ?

Kiran Gopalakrishnan

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